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Who We Are

Charitable Giving

Since our launch in June 2019, Willow Roots, Inc. has been working hard to promote causes that are dear to our hearts. As we know, there is always more that can be done; however, we believe we are making a difference in our corner of the world - Pine Plains, NY. 

What began as a small helping hand to one man has now become so much more than we could have imagined.  The support and love that we have seen in our community has enabled Willow Roots to become an integral part of the community.   

With so much food available and sadly being thrown out, we have partnered with various churches, restaurants, farms, and individuals who have been the backbone and inspiration for our birth and our continued growth.

This website is no longer maintained. Visit us at: 

Willow Roots, Inc.

Our History

Willow Roots's  history actually begins in Pennsylvania where our President, Lisa Zayas first began feeding people and using networking skills to build a community. She organized a group of women called Angels in Our Midst and began volunteer projects including buying Christmas gifts for children for the local Outreach Program. The group also baked cookies for the Bushkill Fire and Ambulance Company in appreciation for their dedication and collected over one hundred stuffed animals that were kept on the fire trucks and in the ambulances for children.

Now living in New York her mission is to bring what she has learned and share that vision with her husband and her community.  It is our Treasurer and Co-founder, Nelson Zayas,  that has laid the foundation for this mission to become a reality. His skills and knowledge helped bring a mission into a corporation.

What began two years ago with a simple meal has now evolved into a movement.  With over two thousand meals prepared it became necessary to take this vision to the next step.  To incorporate and bring others into the fold seemed possible and necessary.  

We believe that Willow Roots was a necessary extension of what was needed in our community.  It was a wonderful organic growth of a company that has many volunteers and donors. 

It is our hope that we continue to see the needs of our community and begin networking and weaving people together so that we are grounded, rooted, and strong.  We are One. 

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Our Team

Our Board is made up of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends. It is a group that is unique and yet reflects the people, the community as One – Pine Plains Strong.

Our President and Co-founder, Lisa Zayas began this movement in Pennsylvania, but is was not until she met her husband, Nelson Zayas, Co-founder and Treasurer that the journey truly began.

With the community behind them they brought on board their Vice President, Brett McCormack who is the co-owner of Gallery and Goods in Pine Plains. Brett was eager to bring his artistic talent to the table and is the creator of our Willow Roots, Inc. logo. 

Then came Cris Smith-Hedges, who loved what we were doing and despite all her other responsibilities including manager of The Pine Plains Platter, joined our group with great enthusiasm. 

Our last but very important member was Diana Moore who brought her networking skills that far surpassed our expectations.

In November 2020, Willow Roots was blessed to have Anibal Garcia join us as a new board member, stepping into the role of Secretary (replacing Cris Smith-Hedges). Anibal comes to us with years of civic experience.

Who We Are: About

Our Volunteers

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors

Updated December 26, 2020

Aminah Ahamad

Jane Aire

Alyssa & Paula from Sky High Farm

Jose Anglada

Juliana Baluk

Laila Baluk

Tom Baluk

Victoria Baluk

Holly Bart

Alyssia Beliveau

Maliah Beliveau

Grace Benziger

Doreen Brown


Cesaltine & Charlotte

Ray Christiansen

Lena Clanahan

Nicole Clanahan

Darrah Cloud

Emery Cloud

Barbara Denerstein

Jordan Ettari

Karen Ettari

Miranda Ettari

Brandon Falco

Jonathan Falco

Deborah Flanagan

Helen Fuss

Anibal Garcia

Debbie Gardner

Patrick Gieseler

Sean Gieseler

Henry Gold

Liza Gold

Matthew Gold

Sarah Gold

Barbara Gulan

Debbie Hagan

Dustin Hale

Chelsie Hurley

Jen (from Ireland)

Richie "Santa" Jewett



Lisa Michetti

Matthew Michetti

Meredith Michetti

Aleena Milinski

Anna, Fred, Talia & Chiara Moine

Diana Moore

Rosie Morrisen

Steve Neil

Sadie Norman

Davis Ouelette

Suzanne Ouelette

Dave Owens

Tina Pierce

Jeanie Prager

Greta Preston

Tobey Preston

Annette Prezzano

Tracy Rakin

Maggie Reilly

Sue Reilly

Sarah Rigano

Danielle St. Pierre Prezzano

Tracy Rakin

Valerie Reilly

Pastor Ryan

Carolyn Scarponi

Ava Schneeberger

Sarah Stachura

Gian Stagnaro

William Stanley

Bodhi Stempke

Tara Sullivan

Susan & Karma

Aaminah Syed

Theresa Tompkins

Todd VanBuskirk

Cody Wendover

John Wyant

Willow Roots, Inc. works tirelessly to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.

Thank you to all our volunteers. We couldn't do it without you.

Our Supporters

FOOD DONORS (Updated December 26, 2020):

Jaycee Kesh Akinsanya

Aldi's (Kingston)

Nicolas Arauz

Victoria Baluk

Irene Banning

Sonia Baringer

Black Sheep Hill Farm

Kathy Bartles

Amy Benack-Baden

Anna Bloxson

David Boyles

Sandy Boyles

Christina Brody (Cookies by Mabel)

Campbell Family

Maureen Carney

Lillian Cedeno

"Chaplain" Larry & Kim

Jordan Chase

Sam Chase (Presbyterian Church of Pine Plains)

Sara Chase

Chirinos family

Church of the Regeneration

Darrah Cloud

Community Action Partnership

Bob Cordella

Linda Cordella

Brenda Couse

Faith Cousens

Cub Scout Pack 2130 Den 1

Darren Culver

Mary Dalton

Simon de Beaupre

Anita DeMarinis

di Sarno Pizza (and Pam Miller)

Brittany Dumas

Dutch's Spirits

El Guacamole

Jim Evans

Farm Hub

First United Presbyterian Church: Pine Plains

Bill Fitzpatrick

Cathy Fitzpatrick

Food of Life-Amenia

Full Circus Farm

Jennifer Funk

Gallatin Town Hall 

Ginocchio Electric

Girl Scout Troop 10504

Giving Box

Barbara Gulan

Erin Haab

Dora Hage

Pete Hage

Carol Hart

Emily Hay

Henderson family

Laura Holmes

Dennis Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Art Jones

Joanne Keeler

Clara Kemmerer

Jessica Killmer

MacKenzie Killmer


Bill Leight

Maryanne Lennon

Lia's Mountain View Restaurant

Jack Lindsey

Vickie LoBrutto

Long Table Harvest

Kyle Lougheed

Kathleen Lounsbury

Constanza Low

John Henry Low

Lyceum Theater (Al Bulay & Matt Heuer)

Angela McCarthy

Julie McGanney

Anne McKenna

Beth McLiverty

Lisa Michetti

Mini Melanie

Millerhurst Farm

Kelli Millius

Miracle Springs Farm

Anna Moine

Frederick Moine

Angie Moore

Diana Moore

Morgan Moore

Moose On The Loose

Joan Moriarty

Rosie Morrisen

Bernadette Murray

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Northeast Community Center

Cathy Osofsky

Ron Osofsky

Suzanne Ouelette

Dave Owens

William Parsons

Pine Plains Central School District

Pine Plains Community Food Locker

Pine Plains Community Garden

Pine Plains Platter

Danielle St. Pierre Prezzano

Red Hook Responds

Reilly Family

Meghan Rizzo

Julie Roberts

Maria Robison

Michelle Robison

Ronnybrook Farm

Marisa Rose

Amy Rothstein

Peter Salerno

Seymour Smith ILC PTA

Shekomeco Farm (Julianna & Curtis)

Silamar Farm

Jeanine Sisco

Sky High Farm

Vikki Soracco

Jean Sterling

Parker Stevens


Stissing House

Stissing Mountain HS Honor Society

Sunday in the Country

Joan Taylor

Bart Tenore

The Giving Box

Patrick Trettenero

Trotwood Farm

Courtney Tuck

Meg Van Leuven

Vivian Walsch

Karen Wern

Kirsten Westphal

Penelope Wheeler

Eileen Yujure

Jorge Yugure

Julie Zengen

Jean Zimmerman

DONOR LIST (Updated December 26, 2020):

Animal Farm Foundation (Christa Ploschke)

Nicolas Arauz

Advantage Insulation

Lisa Badore

Renee Bailey

Irene Banning

Holly Bart

Maliah Beliveau

Laurann Beliveau

Carol Lee Bell

Dale Boyles

Lillian Cedeno

Renee Dahlman

Kate DiCarlo

Ethan DiMaria

Karen Bates Dubray

Duehl's (Joan Taylor)

Karen Ettari

Brittany Fillhart

Matt Findley

Alana Garnica

GE Construction

Charles Godfrey

Cris Smith-Hedges

Donna Hill

Chelsie Hurley

Audrey Irwin

Dean Irwin

Jusis family

Laura Kalanges

Shayna Kapple

Joanne Keeler

Ken Meccariello

Brett McCormack

Beth McLiverty

Emily Miller (Millerhurst farm)

Anna Moine

Tamara Elem-Moody

Angie Moore

Diana Moore

Moose on the Loose

Curtis Mraz

Heather Lynn Mullen

Josh Nathanson

Dani Nicholson

Denise Stampf Osofsky

Gregg Pulver

Sarah Rigano

Julie Roberts

Amie Ryan

Kate Ryn

Ann Simmons

Sky High Farm

Stissing House

Courtney Tuck

Collette Alonge-Watz

Kirsten Westphal

Lynda Westphal

Jim Wilber

Jessica Wisniewski

FINANCIAL DONORS (Updated December 26, 2020):

Maria Cecilia Acerbo

Christi Acker

Brian J. Alberg

Carey Osofsky Alberg

David Allan

Karen Allan

Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley: Dutchess Responds Fund

Janine Babcock

Janine Babcock-on behalf of PPCSD PPS Department

Lisa Baker

Luanne Ballantine

Baluk family

Irene W Banning

Jack P Banning

David Bartholf

Kelly Bartholf

Kathy Bartles

Christine Bascetta

Donna Beckingham

Amy Benack-Baden

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Salvador Bolivar

Jim Boyles

Sandy Boyles

Margo Brandt

Kim Briggs

Doreen Brown

Kim Brown

Patricia Byron

Peter Caldwell

Gina Campana

Dee Ann Campbell

Noele Carusso

Thom Christopher

Church of the Regeneration: Pine Plains

Jeanine Cisco

Darrah Cloud

Cloud Formation LLC

Kathleen Erickson-Coad

Cindy Cobble

Bridget Colman

Mark Colman

Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley

Brian Coons

Lisa Costa

Brenda Couse

Fred A Couse

Fred Couse, Jr.

Nicole L Couse

Gretchen Crary

Thom Cristopher

Susan Crossley

Attila Csaky

Thomas Day

Peggy DeBuono

Josephine Delgado-Freaney

Cindy Dembrock

Cooperative Foster Care Network

Laura Dennis

Barbara Denerstein

Jean Anne Dropp

Betty Durnin

Durst Organization

Dyson Foundation

Katharine Edgar

Sandy Kaplan-Eisenmann

Erin Essery

Terry Felper

First United Presbyterian Church of Pine Plains

Deborah Flanagan

Josie Delgado-Freaney

Dawn Freedman

Lawrence Freedman

John Fundus

Helen Fuss

Vincent Gallerani

Gallery & Goods

Megan E Genthner

Michael R Genthner

John Giordano

Tomas Baibramael Gonzalez

Rachel Greenfield

Genesis A Gutierrez

Daphna Gutman

Dora Hage

Pete Hage

Burt J. Hanback

Priscilla Herdman

Katherine DeNardis Hernandez


Martha Holmes

Cheryl Ann Hotte

Gerald W Hotte

Bonnie Lee Hughes

Jaime Imperato-Wilber

International Order of Odd Fellows 903

Patricia Keeler Jean

Lowell Johnston

Art Jones

Sarah T Jones

Jusi family

Brian Keeler

Kathleen Kjetsaa

Lia's Mountainview Restaurant

Victoria LoBrutto

Carol Lombardi

Kyle Lougheed

Constanza Low

John Henry Low

Jennifer Patterson Macri

Piper Malerchuk

Katherine Mautia Bijiriti Mango

Maxine Marone

Gavin Marr

Mindy Marr

Vianel Martinez (Mercedes)

Nancy Mazzei

Brett McCormack

Joseph McEvoy

Sara McGhee Simons

David McGill

Beth McLiverty

Gerald Charles McNamara Jr.

Maria McPherson

Nicholas McPherson

Helene McQuade

Lisa Michetti

Diane Moore

Nan Morrison

Burnadette E Murray

Daria Myers-Schrage

Kat Naslas

Joshua Nathanson

Sue E Near

Dani Nicholson

Brittany Nugent

Oblong Books (Dick Hermans)

Frances R. Olivieri

Mirocles Guatu Iri Ortiz

Suzanne Ouelette

Dave Owens

Daniel Palmer

PayPal Giving Fund

Richard Peck

Renee Katherine Petrofes

PHF Foundation

Pine Plains Garden Club

Pine Plains Pharmacy

Julie Plavchan

Katherine Gray Pollock

Gregg Pulver

Donna Quinn

Tracy Rakin

Millie Lopez-Ramirez

Joan S Redmond

Sue Broersma Reilly

Angela Reynar

Michel Richard

Sarah Rigano

Chantel Garcia Rivera

Eric Roberts

William A Rodriguez

Phyllis Ross

Ann Ruark

Ruby Rainbow Boas

Miguel Sague

Peter Salerno

Theresa Makutonaru Tlalotzin Santana

Jennifer Schwartz

Patricia Schwartz

Iris Silva

Bruce Silvernale

Ann Freney Simmons

Chris Sloan

Nadine Smiley

Courtney Smith

Lesley A. Spencer

St. Anthony's Church: Pine Plains

Stanford Fire Company

Peter Stein

Stewart's Shops

Renee Stoorvogel

Sophie Susman

Joyce Tambini

Helen Teck

Emgee Thomas

Patrick Trettenero

Vanguard Charitable

Patricia Vincent

Vivian Walsh

Jane Allen Waters

Colette Alonge-Watz

Debbi Chapman Weaver

Doug Weaver

Penelope Wheeler

Esther Williams

Louise Benkert Williams

Lynda Wisdo

Tom Wise

Woman's Association: Presbyterian Church: Pine Plains

Diana Woolis

Eileen Yajure

Jorge Yajure

Danny Zayas

Jean Hoehn Zimmerman

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